Catchflo Fly Fishing Shoes | Our 2021 ūüĎČ Year in Review

What a First Year It's Been

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2021, we're feeling reflective. As fly fishing's only casual lifestyle footwear brand, we had a heckuva first year as a brand and company...Dropping 70+ NEW products!

fly fishing shoes fly fishing shoes
fly fishing shoes fly fishing shoes

Browntown Series | May 2021

  • We launched our brand and company in May by celebrating the iconic and wily brown trout with our Browntown Series.

Browntown Series fly fishing shoes

Bowtown Series | June 2021

  • June brought our Bowtown Series to life as we highlighted the colorful and acrobatic rainbow trout.

Bowtown Series fly fishing shoes

Flo Flyer Series | July 2021

  • In July we Dropped a Catchflo brand original design with our Flo Flyer Series featuring our distinctive Flo Bars on the side.

Flo Flyer Series fly fishing shoes

Brand Merch | Summer 2021

  • Every brand needs some merch so folks can rep who they dig and we're no different as we Dropped an initial wave of Catchflo Brand Merch featuring¬†a bunch of¬†hats, visors, and beanies (yeh we love hats!)¬†

Catchflo Bran Merchandise

Smallietown Series | August 2021

  • Next up in August it was time to give a nod to the ultimate fighter, smallmouth bass, with our Smallietown Series.¬†

Smallietown Series fly fishing shoes

CatchFLOPs | August 2021

  • As summer hit full force it was time we offered flip-flops¬†to keep your feet cool and so we Dropped our CatchFLOPs product line.

CatchFLOP fly fishing flip-flops

Salt Town Series | September 2021

  • In September we switched it up and focused on the big water adventure of saltwater fly fishing for key species like tarpon, permit, bones, and reds with our Salt Town Series.

Salt Town fly fishing shoes

Brookietown Series | October 2021

  • October saw us honoring brook trout, the "OG" of trout, with our Brookietown Series¬†and its color popping patterns.

Brookietown fly fishing shoes

Catchflo + X Collabs | November 2021

Joe Jackson aka Sgt Bassfisher Rain Reich

Catchflo + X Collabs Flo Tyer and Retro Rain

CatchSLIPPs Slippers | December 2021

  • With winter coming, December was the time to introduce a new slippers product line with our CatchSLIPP slippers featuring both fuzzy and mesh styles for great wearing inside, outside, or around the house.

CatchSLIPPs fly fishing slippers


As we wrap up our first year in business as a brand and company we thank YOU our customers, followers, and partners for supporting us in so many ways.

And buckle up, as we're just getting started and 2022 will bring a wave of new products!

Always Keep it Fun,

Dan Moyers


Founder & Owner


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