Fly Fishing Shoes for All

A Challenging Reality

The market for fly fishing shoes, especially casual fly fishing themed lifestyle shoes and footwear, has typically been challenging. Folks have often had to search high and low for something unique and fly fishing themed that meets their personal style and taste only to be bummed and underwhelmed.

Challenge Accepted

In founding Catchflo we too had experienced the challenge, and so instead of scouring eBay or Etsy only to find low quality, under-designed, or overly-customized fly fishing shoes, we decided instead to start a brand and company focused on solving the problem in a fun passionate way.

Distinctly Non-Technical

There are two (2) very distinct sides to the fly fishing footwear market.

  1. On one side you have amazing technical shoes and boots focused on wading from Simms, Orvis and others for your on the water needs.

  2. And on the other side you have fly fishing themed casual lifestyle shoes from us at Catchflo that exist to let you express your passion off the water. 

It's really that simple -- technical and non-technical -- and we believe fly anglers want both kinds of shoes so it's not an either or, its a both a thing!

Express your Passion Off the Water

Today, we're proud to be the fly fishing industry's only fly fishing themed casual lifestyle footwear brand and company. And, we make footwear for all -- men, women and kids -- with dozens of styles, designs and colors that we're adding to all the time so you can always (and anywhere) express your passion off the water in a way that's as unique as you are.

Tight Lines and Passionate Feet,

Dan Moyers

Catchflo Founder & Owner

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