Catchflo Hightops are like Converse™️ Shoes but Fishy

Like Converse™️ Chuck Taylor Shoes but Fishy

At Catchflo, we're constantly keeping an eye on the the most popular shoe and footwear styles for men and women so we can bring them to you in a fishy way with our fishy designs. Our canvas hightop shoe style is a perfect example of this as it takes a cue from Converse™️ iconic Chucks hightop style and silhouette.

Our Catchflo hightops are super comfortable, super fishy (of course), made from durable (and washable) canvas, and have removable insoles.

So, if you like Converse™️ Chuck Taylor (aka Chucks) hightop shoes but want a fishy shoe instead of some generic design from "the other guys" then give our hightops a try.  

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