Catchflo Creator Program

Our Catchflo Creator program is for any fishy creative person who wants to create their own fully customized Catchflo footwear. It also includes the option to list your Creator kicks for sale in our Creator Marketplace where you earn 20% commission on all sales of your Creator footwear.

Whether you're a fishy artist looking for a unique way to expand or just someone who loves footwear design, our Catchflo Creator program allows you to fully customize many of our most popular styles across our shoes, sandals, and slippers footwear lines.

Powered by our Catchflo Customizer online design tool, our Catchflo Creator product customization experience gives you infinite possibilities and one-of-a-kind creative fun!

  • Anna from Colorado

    Anna used Catchflo Customs to make her own canvas slip-on blackouts featuring one of her favorite fly fishing groups the Moccasin Fly Club.

    Her Customs approach included picking 2 earthy colors she loves for her toe and side color blocking, finding her own illustrative trout image, and topping it off with the Moccasin Fly Club brand in a fun font style

  • Amber from Utah

    Amber used Catchflo Customs along with our design assist service to create loafs themed to her favorite species tiger trout.

    Her Customs approach included us working with her to find a real-world tiger trout image, picking 2 vibrant and complementary orange colors for her color blocking, and adding her name on the back in a neat scripted font.

  • Dan from Indiana

    Dan used Catchflo Customs to create his own loaf commemorating his trout grand slam during a trip to Colorado.

    His Customs approach included choosing a rich black base color, using the grand slam pattern from our Customs library and capturing his name, river and date on the back.

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Catchflo Creating is easy and fun

How to Catchflo Create

What can you customize?

You can customize your entire Catchflo footwear product.

🤙 Pick color(s) through choosing a single base color or using multiple colors in a colorblocking approach as color(s) choice is one of the most fun and important parts of customization

🤙 Add graphic(s) and place and size them anywhere and anyway you like by choosing from our libary and/or using your own. Literally anything goes as our manufacturing and print process embraces any color as well as graphics that are simple or intricate

🤙 Add text as this can be a cool way to add a next level of personalization

FIRST create a account

Create your account here. Having an account allows you to save your Catchflo Customs design(s) which is helpful as sometimes you may work on a design over multiple sessions. And you can always find your Catchflo Customs design(s) under your account for future editing or re-ordering more too.

NEXT Pick your style

Select one of our Catchflo Customs styles below and then on the product page click on the Customize Your Catchflo's button.

THEN use our Catchflo Customizer online design tool

When you click on the Customize Your Catchflo's button it will open our easy to use point and click drag and drop Catchflo Customizer online design tool. Its super easy and fun to use and you'll be designing your Catchflo Customs in no time.

Check out our Catchflo Customizer user guide to get a feel for how it works and what you can do. We promise its easy and super fun.

Catchflo Custom from any device anytime anywhere as our Catchflo Customizer works great on laptop/desktop browsers AND on mobile device browsers too!

Color inspiration tool

Sometimes you need a little inspiration and design help. For instance, color(s) selection is always an important choice with your footwear and Scheme Color is an amazing tool for finding a great base color(s) you love as well as colors that work well together if you're thinking about a mutli-color Custom. For color(s) you'll need the HEX code(s) of the color(s) you want which Scheme Color provides you.

Tap into our Catchflo Graphics Library

Access 90+ (and growing) of our fishy patterns and elements all straight from the Lab to you! Browse our library. And then if you want to use any of our graphics just go here to download what you want. Please note all of our graphics are the property of Catchflo and their use outside of Catchflo Customs is expressly prohibited.

A few dos and don'ts

As a fishy-only brand, and because Catchflo Customs is a branded product, we ask that you please do keep your design fishy and that you don't create designs that may be deemed offensive to others. Always keep it fun and fishy.

Want design assistance from us?

Tap into our Catchflo Creator Design Assist service. Available for purchase in 1 hour time blocks, we'll work direcrly with you to create, refine, or top off your design through conversation, and hands-on design review and us directly making design adjustments to your design for you. Once you purchase we'll reach out schedule a time to connect.

Catchflo Customizer | super easy AND fun

Let's Custom! Pick Your Style

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