FLOPros Program

Hey Fishing Industry Pros

FLOPros program for fly fishing industry professionals

FLOPros is our special 20% discount program on footwear just for fishing industry professionals (like you) who dig what we're doing. Wherever and however you work in the industry (full or part-time) we'd love to put some Flo on your feet as we recognize its folks like you who make (and shape) our industry.

Take these 2 easy steps to get your FLOPros program access:

  1. FIRST create a Catchflo.com customer account

  2. THEN contact Catchflo Founder & Owner Dan Moyers dan@catchflo.com, txt at (317) 517-5990 or Instagram DM @catchflo to say hey and let us know what you do in the industry. We'll then hit you back with your FLOPros program discount code that you can use to save 20% on any Catchflo footwear purchase(s) at catchflo.com

Note: in asking for program access it is assumed that you're accurately representing yourself as someone who work works in the fishing industry.