Artist Originals

Our Catchflo Artist Originals collection features amazing original artwork from some of the most talented fishiest artists around.

Express your angling passion's arty side AND 20% OF YOUR Catchflo Artist Originals purchase goes directly to the artist so you're supporting them in their entrepreneurial art journey...a true win/win!

We collaborate closely with each artist to ensure their original artwork is beautifully and authentically represented on the art-friendly canvas material of our slip-on shoe style.

Please note that our direct-to-garment (DTG) printing process on high quality durable canvas shoes ensures true art colors representation and won't fade or degrade with wear and wash.

  • Travis Krause

    Travis Krause is a Colorado-based artist and high school art teacher. We met Travis at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and were drawn to his vibrant water color style art and were stoked to bring his unique style to our footwear.

    Here's some perspective from Travis on why he does what he does...

    "Some days we lose ourselves in our daily duties. My artwork provides a moment to pause, allowing the viewer to wipe off the grimy residue of daily life and reveal what gets covered up and hidden. Taking the time to remember this power and beauty, is a gateway to increased productivity, creativity.

    In pursuing my passion of painting, I bring the beauty of the outdoors inside to serve my clients with imagery that reminds them to trust and celebrate their own hidden beauty and power. Every painting is an attempt to capture fleeting moments, vivid color, surprise, mystery and delight for the viewer to reinvigorate their own natural sense of wonder and creative potential."

    Learn more about Travis 
  • Zach Otte Art

    Zach is an artist who splits his time between Colorado, Montana, and Florida. He paints in acrylics, oils and gouache and his vivid style is eye catching and compelling.

    Learn more about Zach 
  • Nicholas Golding

    Nicholas and his brand Fishing Adventures Worldwide is a UK-based angler, artist, and loves providing tips, photos and reviews through Fishing Adventures.

    Learn more about Nicholas 
  • Al Simson (Kettafly)

    Al Simson and his brand Kettafly is an Australia-based artist, fly fishing guide, and fly tyer.

    We were drawn to his unique "low rider" illustative designs for various salt water species and loved bringing them to our Salt Town footwear series.

    Al is the creator behind Kettafly’s tshirts and other apparel designs. Apart from the creative, Al also prints all items by hand at the Fish Whistle Studio.

    When he’s not designing and printing apparel, Al can be found tying custom orders of flies or out on the flats chasing fish.

    Learn more about Al 
  • Stewart Forrest

    Stewart is a gifted artist with a deep passion for all things outdoors and wildlife.

    We met Stewart in 2021 as we were founding Catchflo and worked with him to bring his amazing illustrative art talent to our brown trout collection.

    Stewart also played a broader role in our founding serving as a lead designer throughout our first year.

    Learn more about Stewart 
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Catchflo Artist Originals

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