Creator Marketplace

Our Catchflo Customs Creator Marketplace is where you can buy Catchflo Customs made by Catchflo Creators who are fishy folks who've decided they want to sell their Catchflo Customs creation(s).

Creators and their Customs are all reviewed and approved by us, and our Creator Marketplace provides our Creators with a fun passive income "side hustle" as Creators earn money from each sale. For Creators, its totally turnkey as Catchflo handles all sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment.


Please contact Catchflo founder and owner Dan Moyers directly at and include background on yourself and the inspiration behind the Catchflo Customs you created that you want to have considered for listing on our Creator Marketplace.

  • Anna Wallingford

    Anna is based in Colorado, way fishy, and she's a great follow on Instagram. We're thrilled to welcome Anna as our first Creator as her passion and creativity embody our brand and the spirit of our Creator Marketplace.

    Anna used Catchflo Customs to create her own canvas slip-on blackouts featuring one of her favorite fly fishing groups the Moccasin Fly Club.

    Her Customs approach included picking 2 earthy colors she loves for her toe and sides color blocking, finding her own illustrative trout image, and topping it off with the Moccasin Fly Club brand name in a fun font style.

    Checkout Anna's Catchflo Customs below and grab yourself a pair!