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Our Catchflo Customs Creator Marketplace is where you can buy Catchflo Customs made by Catchflo Creators who are fishy folks who've decided they want to sell their Catchflo Customs creation(s).

Creators and their Catchflo Customs are all reviewed and approved by us, and our Creator Marketplace provides our Creators with a fun passive income "side hustle" as Creators earn money (10% commission) on all sales of their Catchflo Customs.

Creators is totally turnkey as Catchflo handles all sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment and Creators can see their accrued earnings in real-time online as well who purchased.


  • FIRST, create your Catchflo Customs
  • THEN, reach out to Catchflo Founder & CEO Dan Moyers to introduce youself and let us know you have Catchflo Custom(s) you have ready for us to review and be considered for our Creators Marketplace
  • THEN, we'll review, and once we appove, we'll publish your Catchflo Customs here to the Creators Marketplace for sale
  • Ty Hallock Art

    Ty is a Michigan-based artist and former fly fishing guide for the Ugly Bug in WY. As a Catchflo Creator he's brought his art, creativity and colorway feel to offer his own line up of Ty Hallock Catchflo footwear.

    Learn more about Ty on Instagram and at Ty Outdoors including his lineup of Catch & Release Art and other creations.

    Shop Ty Hallock's 
  • Kevin Onsrud Art Casting Feathers and Fur

    Kevin Onsrud Art

    Kevin is a Chicago-based educator, fly tyer, artist, photographer, and the person behind Casting Feathers and Fur Designs.

    “Art has been a lifelong interest of mine; I have always loved to create, draw and work with my hands. I grew up in Wisconsin spending most of my childhood outdoors; albeit much of that time was spent working on the family farm. Ironically, it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I found my passion for canoeing, hiking, backpacking, and fly fishing. These are the things that have most often inspired my artwork.”

    ~ Kevin

    As a Catchflo Creator Kevin brings his unique style of illustration to his own line up of Casting Feathers and Fur Catchflo footwear.

    Kevin has chosen to donate his entire 10% portion of all sales of his footwear to one of our Gives Back partners The Mayfly Project, a national organization that uses fly fishing as the vehicle to mentor and support children in foster care.

    Shop Casting Feathers and Furs 
  • Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited

    The Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited has created their own lineup of Catchflo Customs footwear AND 10% of your purchase goes to PPCTU!

    PPCTU's lineup was all exclusively designed by PPCTU itself using our Catchflo Customs customizer technology and is a one-of-a-kind series feauring the PPCTU logo on brown trout, rainbow trout, and generally fishy patterns. Their shoes are for men and women and the slides for men, women, and kids.

    Grab your pair of PPCTU's and support this amazing chapter of Trout Unlimited based in the epic Pikes Peak region of Colorado.

    Shop PPCTU's 
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Ty Hallock Art

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