Collection: Ty Hallock Art

Ty Hallock through his Ty Hallock Art has tapped into Catchflo Customs to create his own custom Ty Hallock Catchflo footwear AND 10% of your purchase goes to Ty so its Ty Hallock Art + Catchflo for the win!

Here's some cool background on Ty from Ty himself.

Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the outdoors were never far away.  A vast majority of my time was spent exploring the back roads and hidden fishing streams and lakes in the area.

My dad started me early in my fishing carrier armed with a pocket fisherman and an independent (stubborn) way of learning things on my own. My mom gave me the passion for art and being creative.  Both encouraged me to do my own thing and be happy with my way of life.  In high school, I split my summer days with baseball and fly fishing. However, trips with my dad to Ennis, Montana really spurred my drive to get better at fly fishing.  College is where my art drive hit high gear. Majoring in art for two years, I learned how to use many different mediums; however, most of my art always had an outdoors theme.

After getting married, I switched my major from art to wildlife management. Not wanting to be a starving artist, I changed majors to be a starving and traveling biologist. Taking many temporary seasonal positions with state and government agencies throughout the United States, my art was always with me. Teaching myself how to do everything from tying flies to carving decoys, I was always working on something. 

While working at Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Oregon, my fascination of drawing and painting things close up began. Being so close to ducks and fish gave me a great reference for material. The majority of my work was given away as gifts or auction items for fundraising purposes.

In 2003, my wife and I decided to move to Wyoming to be closer to family. We settled in Casper and had our first of three girls.  While in Wyoming I was a full-time fishing guide for the Ugly Bug Fly Shop on the North Platte River in Casper. 

Having more reference firsthand every day in my boat has focused my art on fish. I try to make paintings and carvings to look like fish that I, or my clients have held in one of our many adventures on the river.

Now that our girls have grown a little we packed up and moved to Midland Michigan, where I work for Scientific Anglers full-time.

~ Ty Hallock