FLORiginals Collective

FLORiginals Collective is our brand ambassador program. With nearly 40 fishy guys and ladies throughout the US, Canada and worldwide, our ambassadors are passionate anglers just like you who love what we're doing and help share the Flo wherever they go on and off the water.

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FLORiginal Collective Program

Join our FLORiginal Collective

Thanks for your interest in becoming a FLORiginal brand ambassador.

We're proud to have a great (and growing) collective and are always on the lookout for new folks who really (really) dig what we're doing, want to join our startup brand making fishing's only fishy casual footwear, AND who align to our brand and our company values.

If you're accepted as an ambassador, you'll be joining an incredible network of ambassadors throughout the US, Canada and worldwide as you can see in this interactive map of our FLORiginal Collective.

FLORiginal is a true collective and different from typical ambassador programs. Here's why --

  1. You'll be acting as a local/regional brand rep engaged at a grassroots level vs. the more social media post only/oriented programs you typically see.

  2. Our ambassadors are entrepreneurial folks looking for a flexible and fun "side hustle" in the fly fishing industry that fits naturally into what they already love to do (fly fish) and the fly fishy people they already know and will meet along their journey.

  3. We provide a meaningful way to earn $$ as you receive a 10% affiliate commission on ALL sales influenced by your efforts which is all tracked through customers’ use of your unique ambassador code.

  4. You'll feel (and be part of) a true collective as we regularly engage all of our FLORiginals for market insights, product design concept feedback, and we also connect in the real-world to fish and hangout as folks might travel to various FLORiginals' home waters and areas.  

So, if you're a passionate angler who also digs casual footwear, is regularly engaged in your local/regional fly fishing community AND wants to pursue an entrepreneurial "side hustle" in the fishing industry AND be part of a true collective then let's go!

Details below on How it Works.

Note -- If you're a group, media, brand, online store, or other type of fly fishing company or organization please contact us directly dan@catchflo.com or 317-517-5990 so that we can tailor our program to meet your goals.

How it Works

  • FIRST Signup to request to become a FLOriginal

  • We'll review your request and then have a quick and easy "get to know each other" chat with Catchflo Founder Dan Moyers

  • Receive account approval

  • Share your unique ambassador promo code with folks and when they use to buy product(s) on Catchflo.com they get 20% off their first Catchflo purchase AND all sales that you've "influenced" are tracked back to you

  • Earn 10% affiliate commissions on ALL sales that you influence

  • Monitor your influenced sales and commissions earned
    • see progress anytime on your FLOriginal dashboard

  • Get paid!
    • request payout anytime and its made direct to you through PayPal, Venmo or direct bank deposit
      • alternately, you can request a payout in the form of Catchflo.com store credit for your earned $ + 10%

As a FLOriginal YOU GET

  • One (1) free pair of Catchflo shoes with your purchase of a brand merch item

  • 30% off any Catchflo purchase any time
  • Insider access to all things Catchflo through our epic FLORiginals Instagram group DM and chance to see (and provide feedback when asked by Catchflo) on our upcoming new footwear designs and market research

  • The opportunity to earn uncapped affiliate commissions

In return YOU PROVIDE Provide Catchflo

    • "@Catchflo Ambassador" callout on your social media profile(s) and we also encourage you to list your unique FLORiginal code too as folks get 20% off their first Catchflo purchase when they use which is a nice added benefit for your followers

    • Initial "got my Catchflo's" social media post/reel/story when your shoes arrive and tag @catchflo (we're on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok)

    • Share scoop about the Catchflo brand and our footwear products wherever you go in your fly fishing adventures online and in the real world

    • Provide ongoing Catchflo product visibility (whenever and however you choose) on your social media account(s) and always tag @catchflo

    • Connect Catchflo Founder Dan Moyers to fly shops in your area/network so he can talk with them about our Retail Dealer Program. And, you'll also receive affiliate commissions on any order(s) the retailer places (5% on first order and 1% on future orders)
  • The right for Catchflo to re-post, share and/or use any images, videos posts/stories/reels you create on social media involving Catchflo and to list you as a FLOriginal on our brand ambassadors page on catchflo.com

    Fine Print

    • You will receive your discount codes for your 1X free shoes and for your 25% and 10% discounts once your FLOriginal account is approved

    • FLOriginal program is a simple at will relationship by both parties and is not meant to be a formal contract. Either party can end their involvement with each other at any time for any reason and will provide written notice via email if/when choosing to end the relationship. At the time of ending any commissions due will be paid out in full and access to your FLOriginal portal will be removed.

    • Both parties commit to mutual brand protection through appropriate and responsible behavior by NOT referencing or highlighting each other’s brands and/or products on website(s) and social media that use foul language, hate speech, or racial bias, or reflect Catchflo product(s) being used in settings where activity such as excessive drinking or illegal drug use is occurring.

    • You are solely responsible for any tax related aspects of your affiliate commission earnings as Catchflo does not withhold taxes for you.
    • Catchflo will periodically review your influenced sales volume (typically quarterly) and reserves the right to conclude your participation in the FLORiginal program if there are no influenced sales over any 6 month time period. Any such decision will be discussed first by Catchflo with the FLORiginal program participant prior to any final decision by Catchflo.