Hey Fishing Groups

FLOGroups for any fly fishing oriented group, club or team

FLOGroups is our program for ANY fishing oriented group such as collectives, groups, clubs, NPOs, and high school or collegiate teams/clubs. 

FLOGroups is our way of making Catchflo's extra affordable, providing you a unique way to earn/raise money for your group AND is an opportunity for your group (if it wants) to also create and sell its own Catchflo Customs footwear so your group can express its passion together.

Many groups have tapped into FLOGroups such as Utah Women Fly Fishers, NorCal Women on the Fly, Colorado Women on the Fly, Colorado Women Fly Fishers, Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited, and Pisgah Area Women Fly Fishing 🤝

Utah Women Fly Fishers
NorCal Women on the Fly
 Colorado Women on the Fly
Pisgah Area Womens Fly Fishing

So, what do you get as a FLOGroup?

  • 10% DISCOUNT for your members

  • 20% DISCOUNT on any group order (10+ of the same footwear product)

  • Your group earns 5% COMMISSION on all purchases made by members of your group (automatically tracked using your group's unique code and/or link, and cash out your accrued commissions anytime)

  • AND IF YOU WANT, you can tap into our Catchflo Customs to create your own "group footwear" and then you can sell it to your members through our Creators Marketplace earning 10% of each sale of your group Customs!

Interested in becoming a FLOGroup?

  • Just contact Catchflo Business Development Manager Cody Scott cody@catchflo.com for the details and he'll get you going.