Our Story

Our Founding and Why

We're proud to be fishing's first casual fishy footwear-only brand and a fishing lifestyle apparel "new category pioneer" through our founding in 2021.

There is magic in intersections...a bit like how various currents intersect to provide anglers just the right holding lie to target.

In early 2021, I found such magic through my intersections of passions for fly fishing, business, product design, making things for others to enjoy...and yes...the expressive fun of footwear.

This intersection lead me to found Catchflo, and through an amazing partnership with designer Stewart Forrest, bring our vision and products to life and launch Catchflo in May 2021. Read about our full founding story.

Why does Catchflo exist? Well, anglers also have tons of amazing technical footwear to choose from, but we saw a big gap in the market for fun casual fishy footwear that allows anglers to express their passion off the water. 

If you want to get a deeper feel for our story, brand and my background, check out our podcast episode below with Marvin Cash from The Articulate Fly 🤙

-- Dan Moyers, Catchflo Founder & CEO



To us, the notion of brand comes from the whole of how you experience your relationship with us and our products. It's not about fancy words we come up with, it's about actions and feelings, and most importantly, the experiences you have with our company and products.

To give you a sense of our focus though, we're a fishy lifestyle casual footwear-only brand that is about providing you with creative fun products that let you express your angling passion off the water.

You'll find us to be real, accessible, transparent, a bit quirky, creative, inclusive, fly fishing constantly, and celebrating the journey of working to build a successful small company making cool footwear that we hope you dig.


Our Mission

We're on a mission to help all anglers express their passion off the water everyday everywhere through the fun of fishy casual footwear.

Giving Back

We also think it's important for businesses to give back. We do this through our Catchflo Gives Back program in which we donate 2% of our sales to fishing connected causes Casting for Recovery and The Mayfly Project. That's right, 2% of your purchase goes to these important organizations!

Our Values

Five (5) core values guide us in building and running Catchflo every day.

    • Always Focus on You
      • We exist to help our customers express their passion off the water and so you are always what matters most to us.
    • Deliver Creative Expressive Fun
      • We're all (and only) about creating footwear products that allow you to express your angling passion off the water through a wide range of fun highly personal styles and creative designs.

    • Be Inclusive and Real
      • We seek to make footwear that appeals to all anglers and believe fishing should be an inclusive sport and industry. We're also anglers and real people just like you and operate that way in how we design, share, market, sell, and communicate.
    • Give Back
      • Our Catchflo Gives Back program has been a part of Catchflo since "day 1" and reflects our view that businesses should give back. 

    • Emphasize Sustainability
      • Our made-to-order model eliminates waste, all of our footwear materials are ethically sourced, and our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our shipping is also carbon neutral as we offset our carbon footprint by donating a portion of each sale to Shopify's Sustainability Fund. 

The Team

As a young brand our team is small but mighty with deep angling passion, high hustle, and creativity and commitment in what we make and how we serve our customers . We also have an awesome extended team supporting Catchflo with nearly 40 FLORiginal Collective brand ambassadors.

Dan Moyers
Founder & CEO


Dan leads and manages all aspects of Catchflo including product development, distribution, marketing, support, and operations.

(317) 517-5990

Ben Jones
Marketing & Sales Manager

 Ben Jones

Ben manages our marketing efforts and our various sales programs.

(502) 514-7822

Luke Todd
Lead Designer

Luke Todd of LT Designs makes the Catchflo visual magic that brings many of our products to life with eye catching and truly unique designs and patterns.

Angie Stocklin
Strategic Advisor

Angie is a proven consumer / B2C / DTC entrepreneur having built the eyewear company she co-founded called One Click Ventures and then selling it to FGX International (a division of EssilorLuxottica) in 2018. We're excited to have Angie advising us in various areas as we continue to scale Catchflo and maximize our potential as a consumer footwear brand in fishing.

We're Growing | Come Join our Team

If you've worked for (or always wanted to work with) a young startup brand in fishing we'd love to talk to you. We have several opportunities to become part of the team all of which are flexible work from anywhere roles.

As a startup brand pioneering the fishy casual footwear category, we're seeking high hustle, creative, and entrepreneurial folks who enjoy being in on the ground floor and who exude infectious passion in their work.

    Retail Sales Rep(s) for the East, Southeast, and West Regions

    We're seeking retail sales reps in regions throughout the US. In this role you'll bring our Retail Dealer program to fly and sport fishing shops, general outdoor retail shops, and boutique/gift/mercantile retailers in fishy markets throughout your regional territory.
    • TO APPLY please email Catchflo Founder & CEO Dan Moyers dan@catchflo.com

    FLOSquad User Generated Content (UGC) Creators

    FLOSquad is our UGC program in which we enlist fishy folks (aka FLOSquad members) who create authentic high viral potential videos and photo posts featuring our footwear products in real-world settings for use on our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube social channels.
    • Here's how the program works (and please note that our program is performance-based compensation only -- see details below):

      • FIRST, reach out to Founder & CEO Dan Moyers via Instagram DM and share why and how you're drawn to our brand and include (or point us to) some of your creative photo and/or video work. Dan will then review and will book time with you to touchbase if Catchflo thinks you're a good fit for the program.

      • THEN, we'll handpick one (1) product to send to you for use in your content creation(s) > you create content and send to us for review and approval. Once approved, we'll utilize your content on our social channels and will include a unique promo code tied to you when we use your content that folks can use to save 10% AND the code ties the sale to you and provides you with 5% commission for any sale any time in which your unique code is used.

        • Your ability to earn uncapped 5% commission on any sale using your code is how we implement our program as a performance-based compensation model. Your commissions accrue real-time as sales occur, you can access your earnings and transaction information online through your dashboard, and you can request to "cash out" your accrued commissions anytime.

      Thoughtful Manufacturing and Sustainable Materials

      Our footwear products are handmade on-demand from only ethically sourced materials. Key materials suppliers provide ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX© certified ink and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX© certified material as well as certifications from SGS Printing. All of our packaging is FSC and made from 100% recycled materials.