Catchflo + X Collabs

Our Catchflo + X Collabs footwear shows the power of combined ideas as we regularly collaborate with super fishy artists, innovators and unique people, as well as brands and non-profits who have a distinct style, contribution, and perspective in fishing.

If you're interested in collaborating with us please contact Catchflo Founder & Owner Dan Moyers at or (317) 517-5990.

  • Blane Chocklett + Catchflo

    Catchflo + Blane Chocklett CatchCLOGs and CatchFLOPs with innovator Blane Chocklett featuring his iconic Game Changer fly design.

    Dropped 10/28/2022

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  • Piper Nunn Art + Catchflo

    Piper Nunn Art + Catchflo sneakers with super fishy Colorado-based artist and fly angler Piper Nunn featuring her mountains meet fly rod art.

    Dropped 8/25/2022

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  • Sgt Bassfisher + Catchflo

    We collaborated with prolific and artistic fly tyer Sgt Bassfisher (aka Joe Jackson) and designer Luke Todd on our Flo Tyer shoe.

    Dropped 11/11/2021

  • Catchflo + You

    We collaborated with Catchflo + You customer collab contest winner Rain Reich on our Retro Rain shoe.

    Dropped 11/15/2021

  • Landon Mayer + Catchflo

    Coming Spring 2023!

    We're stoked to announce we'll be collaborating with the one and only innovative signature fly tyer, guide, and author Landon Mayer.

  • Lots More to Come

    Stay tuned as we announce the rest of our 2023 Catchflo + X collab line-up!

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