Catchflo + X Collabs

Our Catchflo + X Collabs footwear shows the power of combined ideas as we regularly collaborate with super fishy artists, innovators and unique people, as well as brands and non-profits who have a distinct style, contribution, and perspective in fishing.

If you're interested in collaborating with us please contact Catchflo Founder & CEO Dan Moyers at or (317) 517-5990.

  • Landon Mayer + Catchflo | Gator Brown


    We're stoked to announce we're collaborating with the one and only innovative signature fly tyer, guide, and author Landon Mayer.

  • Shyanne Orvis + Catchflo | Untamed

    Shyanne Orvis + Catchflo Untamed collection of shoes for the whole family.

    Dropped 5/12/2023

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  • Blane Chocklett + Catchflo | Game Changer

    Catchflo + Blane Chocklett clogs and flip-flops with innovator Blane Chocklett featuring his iconic Game Changer fly design.

    Dropped 10/28/2022

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  • Piper Nunn Art + Catchflo | Mountain Fly

    Piper Nunn Art + Catchflo Mountain Fly sneakers with fishy Colorado-based artist and fly angler Piper Nunn featuring her mountains meet fly rod art.

    Dropped 8/25/2022

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  • Kettafly + Catchflo | Lowrider

    We collaborated with Australian artist, saltwater guide, and fly designer Al Simson and his Kettafly brand with his Lowrider art vibe on redfish, permit, bone fish, and tarpon footwear as part of our Artist Originals collection

    Dropped 5/1/2022

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  • Sgt Bassfisher + Catchflo | Flo Tyer

    We collaborated with prolific and artistic fly tyer Sgt Bassfisher (aka Joe Jackson) and designer Luke Todd on our Flo Tyer shoe.

    Dropped 11/11/2021

  • Catchflo + You | Retro Rain

    We collaborated with Catchflo + You customer collab contest winner Rain Reich on our Retro Rain shoe.

    Dropped 11/15/2021

  • David Hartlin + Catchflo | Salmontown

    We collaborated with Canadian fly angler and guide David Hartlin on our Salmonton series footwear.

    Dropped 3/20/2022

  • More to Come

    Stay tuned as we announce the rest of our 2023 Catchflo + X collab line-up!

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