Collection: Catchflo + X Collabs

Express passion off the water with our Catchflo + X Collab Series. Our Collab Series shoes are extra special as we create them in true collaboration with unique people and organizations who have a distinct style and/or perspective in an aspect of fly fishing. Cheers 🍻 to collaboration as we believe 1 + 1 = 3!

Catchflo + X Collab with Al Simson's Kettafly

  • Catchflo Salt Town series redfish and permit shoes with Australian artist, saltwater guide, and fly designer Al Simson and his Kettafly brand
    • Dropped 5/1/2022

Catchflo + X Collab with Trippy Trout Club

  • Catchflo Trippy Trouts with Trippy Trout Club who's pioneering NFT's in the fly fishing industry with their Trippy Trout Club NFT project
    • Dropped 1/20/2022

 Trippy Trout Club

Catchflo + X Collab with Sgt Bassfisher

  • Flo Tyer with prolific and artistic tyer Sgt Bassfisher (aka Joe Jackson)
    • Dropped 11/11/2021

      Catchflo + You Customer Collab with Rain Reich

      • Retro Rain with Catchflo + You customer collab contest winner Rain Reich
        • Dropped 11/15/2021


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