• Editor's Choice

    "Conversation starter. Lots of compliments, broke in quick and comfy."
    ❤️ Dana from Fly Fusion Magazine

  • "Fishy as hell"

    "Three words. Fishy as hell."
    ❤️ Kerry

  • "The comfiest"

    "I work in an elementary school and am on my feet all day, these shoes are so soft and comfy and I can bring my passion to work! They're cute, fun and always a conversation starter."
    ❤️ Rene

  • "All the words"

    "Straight fire, lit, dope, sick...I use all the words to describe my Catchflo's."
    ❤️ Sam

  • "Passion in the office"

    "My Brookietown and Browntown sneakers are casual fun at the office and let me bring my passion to work."
    ❤️ Wade

  • fish shoes fly fishing shoes fishing casual footwear Catchflo

    "Like my"

    "Catchflo's are more comfortable than my Vans™️. They're like Hey Dudes™️, Comverse ™️ chucks, Crocs™️, and Toms™️ but fishy!"
    ❤️ Too Many To Count

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We’re fishing's first and only fishy casual footwear brand

  • 2% Give Back

    2% of your purchase goes to Casting for Recovery and The Mayfly Project as we believe deeply in the "therapeutic power" of fishing

  • Made-to-Order

    All of our products are made-to-order. And no inventory means no waste, max creativity, and an unmatched speed of new product Drops.

  • Non-Technical

    Our footwear is casual and made for your time off the water as we're all about creativity, expressing your passion, and keeping it fun.

  • For All Anglers

    From fly fishing (our obsession) to conventional anglers, we make fishy footwear for all so you can walk with your angling passion.

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  • Slip-Ons

    Canvas favs with padded collar, flexible sole and removable insoles

    Shop Slip-Ons 
  • Sneakers

    On trend with the trainers vibe, padded collar and removable insoles

    Shop Sneakers 
  • Loafs

    Slip-ons with that no-tie lace look, super light and removable insoles

    Shop Loafs 
  • Knit Meshes

    Crazy light with sock feel, slip-on or lace options and removable insoles

    Shop Knit Mesh 
  • fish shoes fly fishing shoes fishing casual footwear Catchflo


    Cheers to chucks with the legendary hightop look and removable insoles

    Shop Hightops 
  • Flats

    Low profile super light kicks with a nod to a truly iconic style

    Shop Flats 
  • Boots

    Puffy quilted look and feel with furry insulation and removable insoles

    Shop Boots 
  • Clogs

    Chunky look with the ultra-light feel and cushioning

    Shop Clogs 
  • Flip-Flops

    Simple knockaround flip flops for home, town, or the water

    Shop Flip-Flops 
  • Slides

    Easy fun with highly flexible thick cushioned soles

    Shop Slides 
  • Slippers

    Around the house chilling in plush and fuzzy styles

    Shop Slippers 
  • Durable Quality

    We're about quality and durable products worthy of your passion

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Big discounts on select sizes ALL Quick Ship ready

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Catchflo + X Collabs

We think 1+1=3 so we're always collaborating with super fishy artists, innovators and unique people, as well as brands and non-profits who have a distinct style, contribution, and perspective in fishing.

We're stoked to have collaborated with folks like Shyanne Orvis, innovators like Blane Chocklett, artists such as Piper Nunn, Al Simson, and Travis Kraus, as well as fly tying savant Joe Jackson, and even customers like Rain Reich and David Hartlin.

NEW UPCOMING COLLAB with Landon Mayer (Dropping late Spring).

Shop our collabs

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