Retail Dealer Program

Inspire your customers to walk with their angling passion

Catchflo is a great opportunity for fly and sport fishing shops, general outdoor retailers, or mercantile / boutique / gift shops in fishy cities, towns, and areas to offer highly differentiated fishy casual footwear products.

Join our fast growing family of Catchflo Retail Dealers throughout the US who are bringing the fishiest footwear on the planet to their store, area and customers.

We've designed our program to be very "dealer friendly".

  • low MOQ thresholds (based on units of a specific product):
    • buy 1-9 total units of a product at 25% off
      • great for experimenting and for samples
    • buy 10 - 49 total units of a product at 40% off
    • buy 50+ total units of a product at 45% off
  • quick and easy direct ordering from our online "shoppable" catalog
  • receive your product ~20 business days from the date of your order
  • Virtual Dealer option or alternative too (see below)

Browse our Retailer Wholesale Catalog

To learn more about our Retail Dealer Program please contact Catchflo Founder & CEO Dan Moyers at or (317) 517-5990. Once we connect and confirm Catchflo is right for your store, we'll get you set up with Retailer Account and you'll be able to shop and order at our wholesale pricing right from our Retailer Wholesale Catalog here on (must be a Retailer and logged in to your retailer account to see and purchase at wholesale pricing)

Virtual Dealer Option

Our Virtual Dealer program is a great and unique alternative for:

  • retailers who like our brand and products but don't want to carry Catchflo product inventory OR;

  • for retailers who would like to first "see and test the reaction" to Catchflo in their store before moving into carrying Catchflo inventory

Retailers who carry Catchflo inventory can ALSO include Virtual Dealer as an add-on to their Catchflo inventory-based program allowing customers to purchase Catchflo products that the retailer might not chose to carry in inventory.

As a Catchflo Virtual Dealer you simply display one or severals pairs of Catchflo's to promote to your customers in your store AND THEN your customers order online at, they save 10% AND you earn a 15% commission on all orders your customers place. You'll also have real-time access to all of the sales you've driven as well as the customer information for your own direct use.

Virtual Dealer Package

Package Price

What You Get



  • 4 pairs of Catchflo footwear of your choice for your display AND to have shop staff wear in-store and around town which we promise sparks fantastic conversation

  • 1 spinning Flo Disk display (picture below)
    • plugs in and battery powered too

  • Print-ready PDF promotional flyer and clear plastic flyer holding stand
  • 200 promo cards and 1 card holder
    • co-branded business card size with discount code and QR code for easy customer takeaway

Spinning Flo Disk display

  • plugs in OR runs on battery with cool slow spinning vibe

spinning disk display


Merchandise your Catchflo Footwear with our Flo Tower

Flo Tower is our recommended in-store merchandising approach to help you maximize product visibility, floor location flexibility, and revenue per square foot.

Flo Tower holds as many as 100 pairs of Catchflo footwear (30+ per side) which allows you to display, store, and sell your inventory right from the Tower in the same way you typically see casual footwear brands merchandised.

You can purchase all of your Flo Tower components directly from us and the price you see is your landed cost for the item as tax and shipping is included in the price.