Catchflo Launches Industry Leading Product Customization with Catchflo Customs


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Catchflo has launched Catchflo Customs, its new industry leading product customization experience that allows customers to completely customize their own Catchflo footwear.

Customs is "powered by" the Catchflo Customizer which is a product customization technology that allows any customer to easily customize and order a pair of Catchflo's through Catchflo's Customizer online design tool.

Catchflo Customs offers a level of DIY product customization that is unprecedented in fishing, and includes the ability for customers to choose their footwear color(s), add graphics (their own and/or from Catchflo's graphics library), size and place anywhere, and add text to a variety of Catchflo footwear styles currently available for Catchflo Customs.

In addition to launching Catchflo Customs, Catchflo has also launched its Creator Marketplace, which is another industry first, and allows anyone who creates footwear through Catchflo Customs to offer their footwear design for sale on the Marketplace. Catchflo's Creator Marketplace offers a unique and compelling "side hustle" passive income opportunity as Catchflo handles all sales, manufacturing and fulfillment, and Creators earn commission on each product sale.

"In creating Catchflo Customs we're bringing the footwear customization experience pioneered by several large mainstream footwear brands to fishing. We're doing this because footwear is often very personal to folks and through Catchflo Customs we're allowing our customers to make our products their own in a way that is unmatched in fishing today." -- Dan Moyers, Catchflo Founder 

Learn more about Catchflo Customs and the Creator Marketplace.   

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