Our Home Water Shoe Series is the Ultimate Personal Connection

In February, 2022 we Dropped our new Home Water shoe series creating the ultimate personal connection between our fly angler customers and their footwear as few things are truly more personal that the "home waters" an angler fishes.

We've created (and are regularly adding more) Home Water's for the most fly fishy states in the US including Colorado, Montana, Michigan, North Carolina, Arkansas, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, New York, Utah, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

From a design standpoint, each Home Water state shoe features the state's river system map on the toe, is colored up with the state's official colors, and features the state symbol as well.

So, if you have a home water (and we bet you do), we hope you'll like fly fishing's only state-specific home water inspired casual slip-on canvas shoes.   

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